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FAQs - summer project

Q: What is this programme about?

A: We at ILUGD have thought of involving people who can dedicate time during this summer to open source projects so that it can help them hone their skills. We are still in the planning phase of what projects will be in for this summer, but they will be announced very soon. This is a great opportunity for newbies starting out in open-source to get involved and collaborate with amazing people!

Q: Is there any code of conduct?

A: Yes, you are expected to read the Code of Conduct before starting to contribute.

Q: What is the time duration of the project?

A: You will be working on the problems for a prospective duration of 2 months. You will be paired with others interested in working on the project, plus we'll be there to help you out of you get stuck :)

Q: What is the eligibility criteria?

A: You're welcome to work with us even if you're in school! We have working professionals as well as awesome school students collaborating on many projects. [Hop on!]

Q: How much time do I need to dedicate to the project?

A: There's no hard and fast rule for committing a bare minimum number of hours.
You can fix up the number of hours per week according to what suits you.

Q: Can I be a mentor for this programme?

A: Definitely, just select the role accordingly in the google doc and we will set you up.

Q: Is there a stipend for the programme?

A: No, this is just an initiative for promoting open-source culture along with doing a solid project. There's no stipend since this is just to hone your skills.

Q: What are the starting and ending dates of the program?

A: We will announce it very soon, just stay tuned.

Q: How many mentors will be there for each project?

A: This will depend on the number of people who apply for the role of mentor. We will let you know when everything is finalized.

Q: Will the project be done remotely?

A: Yes, this is an open source project and will be accomplished remotely.

Q: How will be the projects and mentors selected?

A: Once the registrations are closed, mentors will be shortlisted by us according to the projects selected.

Q: FAQs did not answer my question. How can I get connected to the community to ask my question?

A: You can get connected to us on mailing list and ping us there:)